Oh the things we do to try to be “healthy.” Have you ever heard of drinking GRASS? I hadn’t either until I went to a smoothie place and saw that you could get a shot of wheatgrass. I thought wheatgrass was a fancy name for some kind of healthy nutrient. I had no idea it was legit grass until I saw them cut grass off a small hedge they had and throw it in a… … Continue reading

Welcome to FIGHT CHURCH. In a new documentary the film makers are taking a look at the culture of men within the church and asking the hard question. Has Christianity feminized the faith? From my perspective the church truly has gone a little too far into the culture of meek and mild, soft and always turning the other cheek Jesus. We forget that Jesus was a man’s-man, a carpenter, a vocal leader and when He… … Continue reading

You know that moment when you are upset and you just DON’T want to talk about it. That is how I felt this morning when Wally started harassing me and demanding to know what was wrong with me. My valiant co-worker Bekah came to my rescue in an unexpected way and distracted Wally by slapping him upside the head. I think she is my best friend now! Please enjoy this video reenactment.(Source: https://www.youtube.com/) … Continue reading

Live life to the fullest. You hear this saying all the time and even see it plastered all over home decor, but how do we really do it? I think the grandma dancing in this video gets it! She probably does not move as well as she used to and it might even be a little painful to get her “groove on” now, but she still does it! No matter how embarrassing, she wanted to… … Continue reading

We are leaving Haiti today but none of us want to leave! Compassion is doing great work here and you can be a part of it! Consider sponsoring one of these sweet children during our Compassion drive next week! You can provide hope for Haiti!(Source: http://www.tumblr.com/) … Continue reading

THANK YOU! You did this!This is how the children at the Compassion Project responded today when we told them we had brought Legos for them from all of you in the states! Your generosity did THIS!(Source: http://www.tumblr.com/) … Continue reading

There are certain places that always make me uncomfortable-tattoo parlors, hospitals, and craft stores. I don’t know why so many women LOVE craft stores!I don’t even know where to begin in those stores. I feel like an alien on a foreign planet when I’m there, but at the same time I weirdly feel the need to “blend in” as if I am totally comfortable and just finished my 200th pinterest project. It seems like a… … Continue reading

We arrived safely in Haiti with Compassion International and have already met some amazing people here! We got to meet the local Compassion staff who are so thankful for your participation in child sponsorship! I was blown away by how hard they all work to keep you in contact with your sponsor child and make sure that they are well taken care of. Please consider changing a child’s life through sponsorship with Compassion International. http://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/default.htm?referer=134540(Source:… … Continue reading

We all know that the greatest gift is family, but these military families experience that in a new way this year! Warning: this made me a bit weepy (but a happy weepy:) It reminded me to cherish those close to me even more!(Source: https://www.youtube.com/) … Continue reading

Ever heard people in public speaking way too loudly on their cell phones? I’m usually that person.However, I still find this prank of “crashing people’s phone conversations” hilarious! I might be next! HA! Check it out!(Source: https://www.youtube.com/) … Continue reading