How often do we act like children running into the street?

Have you ever had a child run out in front of your car? It’s a terrifying experience. Joy here and it happened to me this weekend. I was looking for a parking space when little girl ran in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes as her mother reached out, grabbed her, and pulled her back to the side of the road while scolding her. The little girl was confused and frustrated that her mother stopped her from doing what she wanted. She quickly escaped her mother’s grip and ran right back into the road! Her concerned mother quickly pulled her back to the side and gave her a stern talking to while the little girl went into a full tantrum.

As I pulled away I realized how often I act like that little girl. I see something I want and run after it with full force. However, God acts as the loving parent and sees the danger I don’t. He knows what is best for me and often pulls me back to the side of the street while I kick and scream. I don’t see the big picture or how what I want most in that moment may even hurt me. I have thrown so many tantrums at God in the past year. I keep finding myself where that little girl was, on the side of the road crying my eyes out because I don’t understand what God is doing. As that little girl grows up she will soon learn to trust what her Mother says more because she learns that her ideas and ways are not always best. I guess I haven’t learned how to do that with God quite yet.

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