No, I’m not a diva!
But I might act like one today…

It’s picture day today at WAY-FM. Yep, just like back in grade school. We all have to line up, stress about our hair looking perfect, then get our photo taken for WAY-FM promotional materials.

I hate this. Like I REALLY hate this.
 I literally tried to get out of picture day, but they said NO! 

I typical have no problem having my picture taken, but when I know it’s going to be posted and viewed over and over, it somehow makes me snap and turn into some sort of photo diva. 

I am typically a pretty confident girl, but tell me that it’s picture day and somehow I fold into a heap of insecurities! Have you ever felt like this? 

Does it seem like you only get pimples at the worst time? Your hair decides to do it’s own thing that day, and all your outfits are suddenly hideous and not good enough! 

That’s me today. 

Is this alright? Is this ok?
No, not really.
But it’s my reality.

I’m sure you can relate.
There is something about a photo that is so permanent that is brings up insecurities that I thought I had defeated already.
I’m just looking forward to tomorrow when I can go back to my confident self, but today I just wish I could avoid the camera at all costs!  

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