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If I asked you to sum up the year 2020 in one word, what would you say? For me, I would say loneliness. I can’t be the only one that feels this way. Many of us find ourselves quarantined and isolated trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones responsibly from the Coronavirus. If you’re like me and find your face mask to be your closest friend, I’ve got some ideas that have helped me…

Cain is a new band that you may not be familiar with just yet.  I really like what they do a lot, but I did notice something disturbing about the name of their band.   Check out the video for their song Rise Up (Lazarus)  

Music inspires me. So when I heard Zach William's version of Go Tell It On The Mountain, inspiration that I would quickly live to regret struck! If you still have an appetite for good music here is Zach's version of Go Tell It On The Mountain that inspired our game.  

Steven Curtis Chapman stopped by and we talked about our love of "old school" Christmas specials.  I had to wonder what would a Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas Special sound like? Here is another great Christmas song from Steven for those who might be having a hard time during the holidays.      

Music is such a great part of Christmas, but I noticed there are some regular songs that could be great Christmas songs with a little tweaking.  So, we came up with a few that we think could work.