Barrier Island Landscaping

Hi I’m Michael Boudolf owner of Barrier Islands Landscaping. Why consider me for your yard work? First I love what I do. And I especially enjoy seeing my customers delight in the way I take care of their yard. In fact, I can say I have not lost one customer in three years. So surely, you can tell I love to please my customers. And if you run a business, I can professionally maintain your grounds to make your business look sharp! And I’ll give you this promise: If you don’t like my work , you don’t pay me. Now, that’s better than a money back guarantee, because you don’t pay at all if you are not pleased. But I remind you, I haven’t lost a customer in three years and I don’t intend to lose one today. So today, give me call, Michael Boudolf with Barrier Islands Landscaping. I love yard work and I love keeping my customers satisfied.
So let’s talk about your landscaping needs right now. Please call me directly at 343-93-50, 343-9350.

(843) 343-9350
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