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We don’t mean to make it sound like other people don’t work hard, but parents [with a few exceptions] work harder than anyone we know. Day-to-day life looks like a hug jigsaw puzzle — how do you get little Johnny to baseball practice, tae kwon doe, and guitar lessons, while Susie and Jill have dance, softball, and church activities? Moms [and dads, too] are modern day superheroes!
Birmingham Fun and Family Magazine is here to serve the busy parents around town. Our monthly publications are small enough for a busy parent to grab and toss in their purse, diaper bag, or backpack, and each issue is packed with tons of resources for busy parents.
You can find our magazine at more than 410 locations throughout the Birmingham area each month — pediatrician offices, pediatric dental offices, children’s clothing and shoe stores, recreation centers, daycares, hospitals, and many other locations where parents frequent.
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