Broken Into Greatness

Broken Into Greatness

Carla Keibler is the Queen Visionary of Broken Into Greatness. Her mission and passion is to help others gain confidence in becoming who they were created to be. She specializes in helping women grow and transform their lives. She fervently believes that even from the depth of their brokenness, God can sow seeds of greatness. Carla is the President of Greatness Publishing. She’s also a dynamic speaker and proven trainer who cherishes her relationship with God and is deeply devoted to her husband and family. She is passionate as a personal coach, either to groups or in a one-on-one setting. She knows that Greatness, at times, is only one step of faith away.

Coaching Sessions: I connect one-on-one, groups, or team building sessions to help them develop a positive mindset and daily habits which is the foundation of all goals achieved in life. Build a firm foundation for yourself, your relationship, or your business and you will achieve greatness.

I believe that each one of us is searching for our purpose in our life.  However, that path is not always easy.  I believe that despite the obstacles, mistakes, and challenges you have faced in your life you can still thrive in the greatness you always desired and created to live. Live a life of amazing unique and wonderful value.

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