Clarksville Christian School

Clarksville Christian School Vision Statement:

To provide academic excellence while equipping our students for righteous Christian living.

Clarksville Christian School Mission Statement:

The mission of Clarksville Christian School is to foster and maintain an educational and Christian environment wherein God is glorified in every respect academically, socially, and morally according to the teachings of the Bible.

In fulfilling this mission, Clarksville Christian School is dedicated to:

  • Glorifying God and affirming only the Bible as His infallible, authoritative, and inspired word.
  • Teaching daily Bible classes as part of the school’s core curriculum.
  • Leading each student toward an ever increasing love for God, country, and his fellow-man by providing a biblical values-oriented education in a Christian environment.
  • Inspiring academic excellence in each student according to his or her ability, promoting physical fitness, and directing each student more and more into his or her personal development of the body, mind, spirit, and a maturing, closer relationship with God.
  • Emphasizing the traits of self-esteem, responsibility, tolerance, self-reliance, respect, courtesy, leadership, appreciation, pride in school and country, good judgment, and integrity.
  • Encouraging active parent and family involvement in the Christian education of their children.

Clarksville Christian School Statement of Faith:

We believe in the sovereignty of Jehovah God and His inspired scriptures, the Holy Bible, to be the all-sufficient guide to equip humanity completely unto divine goodness (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Thus, our foundational aim and purpose is that every student in Clarksville Christian School may be continually nurtured, encouraged, and challenged toward greater excellence in every academic and personal arena of their lives so that he or she may be equipped to become more respectable and productive citizens as life-long Christian servants to God’s glory.

Our Beliefs:

It is expected that students and their parents will readily agree with the following foundational Christian beliefs:

God, who reveals Himself in the Holy Bible, is the Creator of the universe, and all human beings are created in the image of God.
All people eventually sin and are in need of God’s saving grace.
God sent His only begotten son, Jesus the Christ, into the world to be the atonement for humanity’s sins.
God’s redemptive gospel plan was accomplished by Jesus’ death on the cross, burial in the tomb, and resurrection from the grave on the third day.

Eternal salvation is available through one’s obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ and only through Him and His gospel.
The Bible is God’s holy, inspired, revealed will to man. It is without error, and is the only true divine guide for all human life.

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