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Over 250,000 people voted and Lise Hudson was voted Best Divorce Lawyer of Palm Beach County by The Palm Beach Post. 

Lise L. Hudson was also featured in the Boca Raton Observer in November 2013

Different kind of divorce

Attorney Lise L. Hudson helps clients resolve issues with persistence, creativity and compassion

As a successful family and marital law attorney, Lise L. Hudson knows that what her clients experience during divorce is as important as the assets they retain from the process. “The key to a successful divorce includes considerations that are legal, financial and emotional. “Helping clients strategically plan for their lives after divorce is just as critical as resolving well the conflict of the divorce,” says Hudson. With a team of psychology and financial experts—including forensic accountants—available to support her clientele, every possible issue that could arise for a client is considered. “I take a holistic approach with my clients and urge them to resolve more than just the end of their marriage.”

She continues: “Managing one’s emotions and significant assets or multiple income streams is overwhelming unless you have help; that’s why we utilize a professional team.”

After beginning her career with legal icons such as Robert M. Montgomery, Jr., and the partners of Montgomery, Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart, and Shipley, Hudson launched her own firm in 1994. Now 25 years later, she’s been involved in helping hundreds of clients. Although she has successfully tried a significant number of disputes throughout South Florida, finding innovative solutions for her clients that are “out of the box” is her greatest thrill. “Each case is dynamic and unique,” says Hudson.

“By focusing clients on goals that integrate personal needs and legal concepts, we can build a bridge for the successful transition between chapters.”

Defining terms for the “possible” dissolution of a marriage prior to its start is also a part of this firm’s services. “I prepare a substantial number of pre-nuptial, postnuptial, and domestic partnership agreements. These requests have risen dramatically in the last several years especially for sports and public figures, as well as young professionals.” Although uncomfortable, addressing the “what if” questions before you say “I do” is usually best. Once the parties no longer have a common goal, diverse agendas usually emerge—often to the financial detriment of one or both parties.


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