Loucon Training and Retreat Center

Since 1952, Camp Loucon’s ministry has changed the lives of thousands of young people! Whether you’ve experienced Loucon personally or have only heard about us, we invite you to join us for a week of worship, adventure, and fun in God’s outdoors.

Our mission:

– To provide opportunities for guiding and nurturing children and youth in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

– To create an environment of Christian fellowship in which campers can develop positive peer relationships and benefit from positive adult role models of Christian faith and practice.

– To provide an outdoor setting in which camp participants are encouraged to develop an understanding of their relationship to the Creation and the Creator.

Camp Loucon provides plenty of space and time for fun and relaxation as well as training in new skills, but our most important task is to present opportunities for participants to know Jesus Christ as savior and respond to Him as Lord.

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