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MarriageTeam exists to strengthen and save marriages and families!

MarriageTeam is a nondenominational, religious nonprofit, created to equip Christian couples for service as marriage coaches. Our specific purpose is to improve marriages through coaching consistent with biblical principles for marriage of one man and one woman.

Together as a team, couples serve as coaches as a form of life style evangelism to draw others closer to Jesus Christ.

MarriageTeam offers marriage coaching services for pre-marital and married couples to strengthen and save marriages.  We offer services for marital enrichment as well as distressed marriages that have divorce papers in-hand. For many, marriage coaching has become their last ditch effort to save their marriage.  Over 90% of the couples who have talked about divorce decide not to divorce after completing coaching. Some coaches use Skype for long distance coaching in some states – which has proven to be just as effective as coaching in-person.  All coaches are well-trained in our very effective and affordable program.


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