The Elderberry Co.

The Elderberry Co.

The Elderberry Co. exists to empower healthy families to fullness and freedom. We began our journey as a home-based, local, small business called Louisville Elderberry but quickly grew out of our home kitchen and expanded our capabilities to offer nation-wide shipping services. Our founder, Jenny Watson, is a wife to her husband, Michael and momma of two little ones. She began making and selling her elderberry syrup to help other families maintain healthy immune systems throughout the whole house. She is passionate about Jesus, her family, naps, nerdy board games and of course, elderberry syrup.

What is elderberry syrup and why do you keep hearing about it? It is usually a pretty popular topic because elderberry syrup is a highly known way to naturally support your immune system. And our elderberry syrup is in a league of its own because of the RAW LOCAL honey we use to sweeten it. Our elderberry syrup has become a household staple for our customers and their families, keeping them healthy during those colder months of the year.

In addition to elderberries, we also utilize the incredible health benefits of aronia berries! We also brew our syrup with a spice blend of organic ginger, ceylon cinnamon and clove in our syrup to add to the incredible taste (did we mention we describe the taste as “Christmas”? You’ll understand once you try it) as well as the immune-supporting benefits of our syrup. And that’s it. Six simple ingredients to empower healthy and happy families.



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