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Dennis J. Caruso is the Broker of Third Day Realty, LLC and is responsible for overseeing all operations.

Our Short Sale negotiation division specializes in helping Realtors®, Homeowners, and Individuals throughout the country. We have the experience and expertise to manage the whole short sale process for you. Here are some of the important tasks we do:

• Help you understand the intricate short sale process.
• Find you a qualified buyer that is truly interested in purchasing
your property.
• Generating the Short Sale Package required by the lenders.
• Represent you as your Short Sale negotiator.
• Maintain constant communication with you through the entire
short sale process.

Strategic Options, LLC is a third party negotiation company dedicated to providing short sale administrative support and education in the distressed property arena to Homeowners, agents, and Realtors® throughout Florida and beyond. We believe that as a result of the support of our expert staff, agents will see increased productivity and a higher close ratio on their short sale transactions.

Debt Settlement, or debt negotiation, is the act of contacting your creditors and negotiating a lump sum payoff of your debt. If you are behind on paying your debts or if you are over extended, we can help!

In many cases, debt settlement results in the receipt of a 1099 for the amount of the forgiven debt. It is recommended you contact your CPA and or attorney to discuss how this might affect you.

We are experts with a 100% success rate in short sales and debt negotiations with clients receiving a waiver of deficiencies.

Stop the financial stress and let us handle your debt relief. We take those harassing and annoying phone calls on your behalf.

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