Total Fitness Connection

As the cost of health insurance continues to increase, many people are realizing that prevention of illness through regular exercise and improved eating habits is the best way to stay healthy and reduce the risk of costly health problems in the future. As our slogan states there is a natural cross-over between health care, Physical Therapy, and fitness. Total Fitness Connection has pioneered this breakthrough concept, combining the expertise of Physical Therapy into the dynamic world of fitness. This combination has created the perfect environment for you to set and meet goals centered around improving not only your overall health, but also your appearance, performance, endurance, energy levels; the list goes on and on.

What makes TFC so unique? You have complete access to an advanced health care and fitness concept designed to help you keep active. This uniqueness sets this facility apart from traditional physical rehabilitation clinics as well as common fitness gyms.

Available to all members are Free Health Screenings. Our licensed Physical Therapist will evaluate your problem and recommend the appropriate treatment. Health screens can provide helpful insight as to the source of your pain or problem, and provide you with a self-directed solution. All free screenings can be scheduled in the Physical Therapy department as often as necessary. If for some reason you need in-depth physical therapy treatment your insurance can even cover these visits!! Don’t work out with pain or stop because of it!

Our Staff is highly educated regarding exercise and physiology and we are ready to help you set goals, then meet those goals, then set new goals, and this process continues for your overall health and longevity of life. Goals are very important in achieving results, and our staff is committed to helping you continually set and reach these goals.

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