Travel Trim

Travel Trim

TravelTrim™ was born out of a pursuit to keep employers’ most valuable assets – their employees – fit, healthy and happy. A true pioneer of its time, the corporate wellness company was founded in 2004 to provide on-site well-being services and education for entities to invest in their employees in a new and exciting way. Through the years, TravelTrim™ has expanded to fit a growing range of corporate wellness needs, developing its online product, FitForward™ University, as a white label, customizable option for companies of any size, in any market.

With wellness at the heart of TravelTrim’s™ story, it was the intersection of health and corporate culture that inspired the company’s creation. The idea is that if you provided busy, overworked professionals with the knowledge and tools to make positive daily choices for their health, they would bring those behaviors home with them to their growing families. This idea initially sparked TravelTrim’s™ Gym-to-Go™, a packable, portable kit with exercise equipment and fitness and nutrition content geared for professionals on-the-go, and subsequently, FitForward™ for Kids, a similar product, filled with kid-friendly nutrition and exercise content, and tools designed to get them outside moving.

From its online interface, to an app, to its team of health pros working on the ground, today, TravelTrim’s™ corporate wellness programs directly impact employees and their overall wellbeing. The scope of TravelTrim™ has increased, but its goal remains the same – to reach as many modern professionals as possible, at the hands of committed, forward-thinking corporations. Together, we can spur a change in mindset, and ultimately, action, when it comes to the way we consider our health and wellness in the workplace.

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