Youth for Christ | Louisville

Youth for Christ | Louisville

Youth for Christ is a front-line Mission organization seeking to Empower Today’s Youth to Change Their Community for Christ, and we realize this is not something we can do alone. We are always looking for like-minded partners to serve alongside who are willing to use their gifts, talents, and treasures to continue the process of “Giving Life” to today’s youth. With all of the ways our youth are being attacked today, we simply want to come alongside them in a positive way helping them develop into the men and women God intended them to be. We do this by: going where they are, living life with them, and connecting them to God’s family!

Wholistic youth and family development is not a simple task and requires an army of God’s people who are willing to give their most prized possession…TIME. Giving of ourselves, even when we are not sure if we will ever receive anything in return, is difficult but a biblical principle we believe Christ modeled and we are simply serving others because of All He has done for us.

We believe you too want to see Today’s youth get the opportunity to grow in every possible way. By reaching them where they are, and providing the needed resources for them to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually they become healthy contributors to society and possibly quality employees for you and your company one day. With this in mind we are always looking for volunteers who are interested in “Giving Life” to others and would love to partner with you and your company to provide an outlet for you to get involved.

But, at this time we have a great need to continue developing our financial support and would love to have you as a formal YFC Corporate Sponsor. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor, you are choosing to not only “Give Life” to today’s youth, but you are “Giving Life” to your own story as well, and we will want to recognize you for doing just that.

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