Zona Coffee

We’re On A Mission

To serve, impact, and empower communities around the world through direct trade coffee. Our team at Zona Coffee Roasters doesn’t just have a passion for coffee – in fact, believe it or not, coffee is only a small (yet important) part of why we do what we do. The driving force behind our operation are the coffee growers, their family members, and their communities. Through their decades of experience and hard work in creating the highest-tier coffees in existence, they have opened a window of opportunity to rewrite the narrative for coffee-growing communities around the world, which are challenged with some of the most difficult living situations in existence. By partnering with these coffee growers, Zona Coffee Roasters is able to offer their coffee directly to Customers in the US and other markets, providing the roasting expertise to ensure the coffee is prepared to the ideal characteristics for each bean. We then take 10% of our top-line sales (not just profits) and directly inject it into ministries working to support the development of the communities that grew that coffee in the first place.

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